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Pitting the best analysts in the industry against fans since 2010... and for good causes!
About SFB and Scott Fish


First and foremost, I did not name this event. :) That would be a little like giving yourself a nickname or something. SFB was previously the FFOasis Invitational. I closed my site in early April of 2014 and the tournament needed a new name and home. I took the question to twitter and "The Fishbowl / The Scott Fish Bowl" was the clear cut winner. SFB just has a great ring to it.

We do have a trophy room of past winners. Mike Clay of Pro Football Focus won the first ever SFB (then FFOasis Invitational). He did it in historic / dramatic fashion. Yours truly ran the table as the top team from week 1 through week 15 and Mike had an absolutely enourmous final week of the playoffs to win the overall title by 15 points. At the time, the league was 96 teams.

In the summer/fall of 2012 I had a pregnant wife and several out of town weddings of friends that led me to cancel the prestigious tournament. In 2013, the Invitational made it's glorious return and had more interest than ever. We brought in 120 teams.

Every year since, the tournament has grown exponentially.


Scott started playing fantasy football in 1992. It was a dynasty league but has now turned into a keeper league and still exists.

Scott joined a started writing in the fantasy industry in 2005, created his own site in 2008 called FFOasis which became well known for being the only devy resource out there and one of the bigger IDP resources. He is credited with creating devy in the 90s and was the first one to write, podcast, and produce devy content in the fantasy industry. In 2014 he closed up shop and went to Dynasty League Football. In 2017, Scott started a full time job in the industry with what is now Sportshub Games Network. He now runs their SafeLeagues and Throwback commissioner services. He can be found on the longest running fantasy football radio show now in syndication on iHeart Radio – Fantasy Football Weekly. He also has a SiriusXM show from 8-10am EST on Saturday mornings.

Scott Fish is creator of the world famous ScottFishBowl which is the largest pro-am league in the fantasy industry. He runs Fantasy Cares, a charity focused primarily on buying toys for Christmas for children in need. His goal is to convince every league he can to donate one entry fee to charity. In 2018 he was named one of the Athletic’s Persons of the Year alongside people like Patrick Mahomes, Drew Brees, and Larry Fitzgerald. You can check out his article here.

He has become known as one the most respected commissioners in the entire fantasy industry and his major passions include helping his fantasy football community family and charitable work.