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SFB Playoff Rules

The SFB Main Event Playoff Tournament!!!

If you haven't played before, you are probably confused on how this 900 team thing works!!!

8 wins in SFB is an auto-bid into the tourney. If you don't make the top 30 in your conference, you will be added and your conference playoffs will have more than 30 teams.

  • Each Conference has 60 teams. 30 will make the playoffs.
  • The team with the best record, THEN the team with the most points in each division will receive a bye (10 teams).
  • After that there will be 20 wild card teams that play week 13. These teams will be the top 10 records in the conference regardless of division THEN the top 10 point scoring teams in the conference regardless of division.
  • Playoffs will run during NFL weeks 13-16.
  • Weeks 13,14, and 15 are conference play.
  • Week 16 is the final between teams from all 12 conferences.

    Conference example:

Week 13:

  • The 20 wildcard teams in a conference will play. It is not head to head. The 10 highest scores advance. Score is designated by week 13 total plus season average. This is the only week season averages factor in.
  • 10 teams will have a bye in in week 13. These are given to the team with the best record in each division and the team with the top points in each division. Should this be the same team, the team with the 2nd most points in that division will receive the bye.

Week 14:

  • The 10 teams that advanced from week 13 will square off against the 10 teams that received a bye.
  • The 10 highest scores will advance.
Week 15:
  • The 10 teams that advanced from week 14 will square off and the top point scorer will be crowned the conference winner.
Week 16:
  • The top scoring team from week 15 (in each conference, 20 in total) will advance to the 20 team final. The top score wins the tournament!!!

DIVISIONAL Playoff Rules

Are scrapped this year. The team with the best record (tiebreaker of total points) wins the division.

Tier 2 Playoff Rules

Week 13: all non-playoff teams play (roughly 600), top roughly 20% advance (120)

Week 14: top 10% advance (12)

Week 15: The final 12 teams play for a lifetime Football Guys membership!



Do to time constraints, I'm unable to allow stat corrections in week 13, week 14, or week 15.