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Coming July 8th, 2019









2019 Rules


  • The drafts start July 8th, 2019 at 11am EST
  • It will be a slow draft style played on
  • 8 hour pick timer
  • Overnight shutoff: 2AM to 8am EST
  • The draft will be 22 rounds, snake style.

Basic Rules

  • 1200 Teams
  • 100 leagues (divisions) of 12 teams
  • 20 conferences
  • 22 round slow draft.
  • Start: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR 1 TE, 4 Flex (can flex 1 QB) - (11 Total)
  • Bench: 11 players
  • No Kickers or Defenses
  • No Trading Allowed
  • Waivers: $100 Blind Bidding


  • Scoring is fractional (meaning 4 yards rushing = .4 points, 1 yard passing = .04 points, etc)


    • 6 point passing TD
    • -4 point interception
    • -2 point interception for TD
    • 1 point for 25 yards passing (.04/per),
    • 2 point per 2 point conversions
    • 5 point milestone/achievement bonus for every 300 yards (not fractional)


    • 6 point rushing TD
    • 1 point for 10 yards rushing (.1/per),
    • 2 points for 2 point conversions
    • .5 point per 1st down
    • 5 point milestone/achievement bonus for every 50 yards (not fractional)


    • 6 point receiving
    • 1 point for 10 yards receiving (.1/per),
    • 2 points for 2 point conversions,
    • .5 point per 1st down
    • .5 point per reception
    • 5 point milestone/achievement bonus for every 50 yards (not fractional)


    • Extra .5 point per first down
    • Extra .5 point per reception


    • 6 point for any return TD
    • 6 points if your player recovers a ball in the endzone for a TD

Time Expiration During Draft

  • After 6 hours on the clock for a pick in round 1, Commissioner may replace you assuming you didn't show.
  • Time limit. It is 8 hours and is shut off overnight from 2AM EST to 8AM EST. If you let your clock expire, NFL Draft rule applies. Your pick will be skipped. Owners picking after you may make selections. You may make your selection at any time by contacting the commissioner with your pick. The commissioner may replace you.
  • If you let the clock expire a second time, the commissioner reserves the right to replace you.
  • If you are on the turn, please make both picks in a reasonable amount of time. Don't be the guy that makes one pick and comes back many hours later for the 2nd pick. There isn't trading allowed, so there is no reason to sit on the 2nd pick.


  • If you miss setting your lineup twice, the commissioner is almost guaranteed to replace you.
  • If you don't login to the site in over 14 days (meaning 14 days and 1 minute or more)... the commissioner reserves the right to replace you. You may get an email if you haven't logged in in over 10 days.

Accidental Drop / Lineup Move

  • Accidental Drop: you must contact me within an hour for me to reverse it should someone else pick that player up.
  • Accidental Lineup move: you must contact me within an hour for me to reverse it and the mistake must be somewhat obvious to me.

Waiver Moves

  • Waivers will run Wednesday at 1PM EST.
  • After 1PM EST Wed. It will be First Come, Firse Serve until Sunday at noon.
  • No players will be allowed to be picked up from noon Sunday until the Wed. waiver run.

Waiver Moves Once Eliminated

  • If your team has been eliminated from playing in all brackets, you are not allowed to make waiver moves.

Setting Lineups

  • If you do not set a lineup for week 1 before kickoff on Sunday, the commish will set a lineup for that team and possibly replace the owner.
  • Lineups will rollover this year from week to week. However, to keep the integrity of the league and make sure everyone is active, you must login to the MFL site at least once every 10 days. You will be emailed if you exceed 10 days on the "Franchise Activity" module on MFL. Multiple occurances or failure to respond to an emailed reminder by logging into the site prior to the following weeks games could result in removal from the league.

Team Ownership

  • If you are invited and given a team in SFB, that team is yours. You may not give it away in a contest or sell it in any fashion.
  • If you are invited and given a team in SFB, you may not transfer that team. You were personally invited. That team does not belong to the site you write for. If you are unable to participate you can not give it to a friend. The team will be taken away and given to someone on the waitlist if this has been found to have been done.

SFB Playoff Rules

Playoff Rules HERE

Commissioner Lockout

I need to set lineups for inactive people every week and check to make sure lineups don't have injured players or players w/byes in them. This is to give any potential replacement a fighting shot at making the playoffs. I go through this every week. There were over 120 missed lineups when the league was 240 teams. It's a constant issue. I could use the lockout at open and close of waivers each week, but that sends 2 emails to each league member every week and is a pain for me with all I already need to do for this league. The lockout will stay off. If you have a problem with this, don't play.

Name on MFL Site

This may seem unimportant to you, but it matters for my code and database. Your name must remain in this format. Please tell me if you need/wish to change your name and we will change it together.

Site - Name (@twitter)

Fan - Name (@twitter)

You can put whatever you want in the parenthesis. The twitter handle is just a common option.

Best Interest Clause

(Or, In case I forgot some things)

Should circumstances, issues, or problems arise for which a remedy is not stated in the Rules... the Commissioner reserves the right to take whatever actions he deems necessary in the best interest of the league. He may consult with some or all other owners and/or possibly take a vote.


Why such a big bench, no kickers, no defenses, and no trading, etc?
Many of us have a lot of leagues. This one is designed so that it takes less effort each week than your other leagues. With deep benches, the waiver wire will be less intensive. Without K or D, you won't have to worry about getting them for your bye weeks. Also, they are a little annoying to me. Without trading, all that energy can be spent on your other leagues and there will be no chance of collusion.