Commission: Impossible 1 – Begin with the End

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell start this commissioner based podcast journey with some common issues and talking points that relate to the end of the regular season and playoffs… timely right?

2 responses on Commission: Impossible 1 – Begin with the End

  1. Scott,
    Listening to you and Ryan on DLF at the moment and you are mentioning that handling the money is the worst part. Didn’t MFL have something they were hawking called LeagueSafe? Do you have any experience using it?

    1. Hey Chris!

      I do, not much… I like it. It’s a good resource for many fantasy leagues. I have weird payouts and money that stays in for progressive pots… so it’s a little tougher… but I think leaguesafe would still work. I usually know the people in my leagues pretty well and paypal works nice and easy. Maybe in the future I’ll use that. I know they take a fee.

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