Episode Guide


Episode 54 (7/24/20)

cancelled game, rivals, rookie delayed dynasty, rookie draft in startups, flush league

Episode 53 (7/24/20)

COVID Roundtable with Dan Meylor, Matt Price, John Bosch, and Nathan Powell


Episode 52 (7/2/20)

bad commish story, trading roster spots, tank policy addendum, flex scoring, guillotine issue

Episode 50 (6/11/20)

blowing up a team in rookie auction leagues, league tshirts, dirty commish, backup positions who score half, group play playoffs, commish rule

Episode 49 (6/6/20)


Episode 48 (6/5/20)

contract matching, contract vs bankroll, more weight to regular season, bonus quarters

Episode 47 (5/26/20)

taxi, all flex leagues, week 13 byes, expansion, devy picks, allplay/total points if short season


Episode 46 (5/12/20)

no supplemental worries, empire pot refunds, a couple collusion suspicion stories, auction rookie scale if season cancelled, covid clause, changes in dynasty, dispersal with 2021 picks, waiver wire rules


Episode 45 (5/4/20)

dispersal update, 2nd chance privacy, idp scoring, roto leagues, multicopy setup, drop before draft, draft vs inseason league, position eligibility, week 17 ideas, 2020 cancellation (briefly)


Episode 44 (4/27/20)

reg season belt, salary cap idea, interesting roto type league, email with 3 league ideas, faab player swap idea

Episode 43 (4/23/20)

32 teamer idea, dispersal pick draft order, expansion idea, 2nd chance dispersal talk, inactivity rules

Episode 42 (4/20/20)

activity from buyin, league update email, 10 year devy, interesting tank penalty, replacing teams issue

Episode 41 (4/17/20)

2nd chance talk, triple double league, taking advantage of an owner, vampire league talk, inactive member who does the minimum

Episode 40 (4/13/20)

NFL experience league, public trade counter update, 5 year dynasty leagues, a commish story,

Episode 39

listener emails his unique league rules, trade calc rule issues, hybrid best ball, convincing league to update rules

Episode 38

Late payments with coronavirus, positional group league, bad commish taxi theft, trade deadlines, some allowed tank rules and strategy from a listener, player blocking and locking

Episode 37

new to dynasty owner, 16 redraft team roster settings, conditional trades, paying for future, integrity vetoes

Episode 36

We bring on our 2nd guest, John Bosch (@JohnBoschFF) and talk auctions for over an hour!

Episode 35

interleague trades, taxi poaching, fun draft day ideas, commish league, dispersal quandry, final spot to PF paired with eliminated team can’t trade.

Episode 34

league dues, pirate league, covering league fee as commish, leaving a league as commish, conference league, deep roster taxi, last week tank, lineup substitution

Episode 33

owner recruiting, kicking out an owner, devy draft issue, forcing future payment, league of leagues, roto fantasy football, 4 colluders trigger a dispersal

Episode 32


champ game payout structure

league complexity

offseason auction schedule

FAAB settings

Processed Waiver losing bids being viewable

Episode 31

Ryan toys for tots shopping tomorrow,

Fixing a tanking team’s score,

Tanking scenarios in dynasty,

Pigs forces activity,

Best ball hybrid,

Taxi for bye week players,

Trade calculator rule for public leagues,

Scott’s 5 dynasty are leagues 52-3,

Episode 30

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell talk commissioner stuff. On this episode they talk about: % for league votes, owner issues, charity, where to get salary cap info, relegation info, positional eligibility, and more!

Episode 29

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell talk commissioner stuff. On this episode they talk about: Choosing devy states instead of players, tanking using waivers, commissioners taking a cut, keeper league mistake story, bad owner kickout vote, blind bidding startup auction, offseason roster limit expansion, re-vote on same topic 2 years in a row, cheating commish, how do rookie auctions work, best dyno host sites

Episode 28

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell talk commissioner stuff. On this episode they talk about: trades that sit, accepting deals after news breaks, win tokens, division realignment, league activity, roster dumping, and more!

Episode 27

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell talk commissioner stuff. On this episode they talk about: trades not on site, trading auction dollars, A bad commish story, an interesting NFL draft way of selecting rookies, more tank talk, changing commissioners, how to start a dynasty, how to vet owners, and Ernest Hemmingway stops by!

Episode 26

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell talk commissioner stuff. On this episode they talk about: Basics of commissioning and league setup

Episode 25

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell talk commissioner stuff. On this episode they talk about: Position hoarding, home league fee increase, team names, bad commish story, divisions vs none, outside of league assets tradeable, AAF/XFL, expansion/retraction, playoff projection tool.

Episode 24

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell talk commissioner stuff. On this episode they talk about: A dynasty with a contract point system, graphics tool recommendation, a super duper flex league question, redraft toilet bowl prize ideas, next year entry paid for by a exiting team in a dispersal, appropriate trade vetoes, pigs (bankroll) copycat inflation thoughts.

Episode 23

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell talk commissioner stuff. On this show they talk about: Drafting their favorite league settings. This is not the perfect league or a basic league people should start. It’s more about just drafting our favorite settings.

Episode 22

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell talk commissioner stuff. On this show they talk about: a tank that changed the playoffs of a league, bizarre problem including baby formula, expansion draft and keeper question, redraft to dynasty inactivity, public trading system again, vetting owners, taxi promotion/demotion, collusion in auctions, commissioning a dev league, CI tshirts…

Episode 21

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell talk commissioner stuff. This show they talk about: Ending Leagues, Potential Points, No Trade Deadline, interesting keeper variation.

Episode 20

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell talk commissioner stuff. This show they talk about: dealing with a bad owner that is a relative, 2 week long season matchups, keep5/dynasty/keepstarters league, multiple copy pre and post nfl draft auctions, how to deal with week 1 TNF in a first weekend draft, friends in a redraft starting a dynasty and how to find new owners, how to deal with promotion and demotion from taxis.

Episode 19

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell talk commissioner stuff. This show they talk about: ESP anti tanking rules, overpayment of winnings, can an owner sell his team if leaving, more taxi squad questions, booting a bad owner, ties in polls, salary cap best ball league, making a league with 3 types of leagues as prongs, and all time power rankings.

Episode 18

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell talk commissioner stuff. This show they talk about: a couple bylaws that were sent in and a bunch more bad commish stories that were tweeted to us!

Episode 17

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell talk commissioner stuff. This show they talk about: slow auction site/help, table talk, rookie draft/auction participation, rules you created that you were unaware may have existed, locking players after drop vs not.

Episode 16

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell talk commissioner stuff. This show they talk about: collecting league fees, revealing keepers or draft order first in keeper leagues, eliminated starter points as anti tanking measure, future draft pick trading in a keeper league, multiple payouts, MFL, Token league idea…

Episode 15

2:35 devy salaries in startup

8:25 trade deadlines

11:40 alternative payouts

15:30 get a copy of Scott’s/Ryan’s bylaws

16:30 posting trades publicly so others can beat it

20:00 timeline to switch from non-PPR to half-PPR

22:10 unlimited taxi squad & implementation

25:25 homepage design advice for themed leagues

27:30 How long to wait before replacing an unresponsive owner?

32:30 team orphaned mid-season

35:30 combining devy & rookie drafts

Episode 14

2:35 fixing inflation in Scott’s Capitalist Pigs league

8:40 co-owner added without asking

11:45 options when timed out during draft

19:25 startup roster/starters advice

23:20 positional limits

24:30 roster cutdowns

26:05 combining rookies/vets in startup

28:20 rosters between final & rookie draft

31:45 taxi squads

33:55 people to hire to customize mfl page

36:40 joining pigs/sink leagues

Episode 13

EP 13 Bad Commish stories

2:00 getting booted for not responding to a trade within 24 hours

5:30 changed playoff format before & after gameday

11:25 after ruling no vetos, veto’d tiny trade

14:45 trade partner veto’d his own trade

18:40 AWOL commish tweeting from jail

22:40 outvoted commish still made changes

26:00 constantly tries to weaken strong teams

27:20 blocked trade so a team wouldn’t get too good

32:10 took away a newly added player because he was saved for someone else

38:45 expanded playoffs mid-season to qualify

39:50 banished owner still had access and banished commish

Episode 12

2:15 best way to determine rookie pick order

7:25 freshen up a stagnate keeper league

11:50 all trades are publicly posted and can be beat

17:50 avoiding toilet bowl tanking & spotting points

18:50 letting owner of another team’s rookie pick make lineup for last game of season

28:05 Do you return picks that were removed as penalty from a previous owner?

30:55 salary cap/contracts on ESPN

32:45 Salary cap vs. contract years?

33:30 assistance for setting up new league

36:30 SF scoring & starting lineups

42:05 making changes to scoring system

44:35 creating a bigger difference between good & bad QBs

47:00 big play bonus & scoring suggestions

49:15 setting up a new league for first timers

52:15 jumping starting off-season activity

Episode 11

1:55 Ryan’s Catch 22 league

6:05 Can you do a FA snake draft in a salary cap league?

9:45 Should a commish do any transactions for a neglected team?

13:00 penalties for ignoring trade offers

14:40 large relegation league

18:25 dealing with stars cut mid-season in salary cap league

23:10 transition from re-draft to dynasty

25:45 Should you let other teams join a dispersal draft?

29:00 ideal roster & starting positions

32:05 Should startup include rookies?

Episode 10

1:55 managing multi copy leagues with many teams

5:30 contracting from 12 to 11 teams

8:05 What’s a crazy league idea that you wanted to start but couldn’t make work?

15:20 how to spread out prize money more

20:20 tanking

24:15 tiebreaker: H2H or total points?

24:55 league expansion & contraction

27:00 limiting non-playoff teams on waiver wire

32:40 low participation in polls about league changes

34:15 free/inexpensive hosting solutions to help raise $ for charity

35:30 playoff re-seeding

37:15 how to nicely oust a commish into a welcome leaguemate

39:20 specific tanking scenario with MNF lineup

41:45 Is 6 of 10 playoff teams too much?

43:00 double headers

44:15 kickers or no kickers

44:20 additional pick to Toilet Bowl champ

44:35 how to stop tanking

48:10 how many roster spots

49:00 how to remove kicker & def

49:45 switching from 1QB to SF

51:30 Does mfl lock rosters during off-season?

52:50 large keeper league lacking waiver wire talent

58:00 how to get commish to kick the kicker/def

Episode 9

1:55 getting inactive owners to respond to trades

4:15 league with a max # of add/drops

8:20 players dropped accidentally

12:05 when commish is asked for strategic advice

14:35 what off-site tools to add value or make job easier

15:55 best way to leave a league you commish

19:15 leaving healthy players on IR

22:10 veto’ing trades

25:20 can you remove an owner for being inactive?

29:05 expanding a league

34:00 taxi squads

36:05 our worst commish screwups

39:45 how to add an extra pick to the rookie draft for the toilet bowl winner

41:15 rivalries

44:35 home field advantage bonus in playoffs

47:15 do you keep track of bylaw changes?

Episode 8 – Nathan Powell

1:30 potential points

8:30 setting up rookie draft order

9:00 all-play

11:00 victory points

13:00 best ball dynasty

22:00 The League With No Name

29:15 Boys To Men league

31:30 fixing auction mistakes

36:50 favorite & least favorite dynasty rules

40:10 proxy vs non-proxy auctions

44:50 trading in multi copy leagues

46:15 2 copy leagues

Episode 7

2:00 contracting a league

4:30 when a rule change proposal has backing but as commish you don’t like it

7:50 people that try to find bylaw loopholes

9:45 reneged trades made off-site

12:00 people that constantly question the commish

15:45 2 week playoffs & mfl setup

19:00 should you force activity on inactive leagues?

22:00 how far ahead can you trade rookie picks?

23:45 contracting a league

24:45 incentivizing owners to be more active

27:30 can a salary cap startup NOT be an auction

30:40 handling claims of collusion involving trades by commish

34:20 how to promote faster startup drafting

36:50 expanding your league by adding teams

Episode 6

1:00 no PPR in SFB7

7:30 increasing scoring to make 1QB better

13:00 taxi squad setup

16:35 keeping productive rookies on taxi squad

19:00 league polls that end tied

20:00 thoughts on specific startup trades

22:20 should commish post articles on league page?

24:30 idea – trading for additional roster spots?

28:00 league bylaws advice

29:40 2nd chance dispersal drafts

34:15 notice period when switching from 1QB to SF

Episode 5

1:30 dropping players before making rookie picks

3:30 IR criteria & details

5:20 suspended players

6:50 veto vs. no veto

7:30 stimulating activity during off-season

10:05 when to start off-season waivers

11:45 startups on espn & nfl.com

16:00 commish took over an inactive league

19:50 is SFBowl allowed in all states?

20:30 trading rights to a player before tagging in the off-season

21:50 idea – Survivor dynasty?

28:00 taxi squad poaching

29:25 do you protect newbies to dynasty?

30:35 would you remove an active owner that is simply bad at fantasy?

32:35 trading for a bottle of wine

Episode 4

2:00 Ryan’s Kitchen Sink League

31:00 ‘Marathon league’ has fantasy playoffs during NFL playoffs

35:00 Scott’s Capitalist Pigs League

Episode 3 – New League Setup

2:20 line-up construction

5:45 kicker/def flex?

7:15 2QB & SF

11:00 transition from 1QB to SF

15:30 roster size

18:00 taxi squad/IR

23:30 locked players

25:15 when to hold startup draft

26:15 how to determine rookie draft order in first year

27:30 rookie picks in startup

29:15 auction startup timeline

31:30 devy auction

32:45 how to run a devy auction

35:30 setting up leagues via a series of votes

39:00 posting all trade offers publicly on league page

Episode 2

1:20 off-season duties

6:00 voting period

6:45 replacing owners

13:00 first steps of off-season

14:30 implementing bylaw changes

19:30 leaving leagues

21:15 how & why to boot an owner

24:45 leagues without playoffs

28:00 leagues paid via monthly subscriptions

Episode 1

7:15 executive decisions or put it to a vote

10:45 best interest clause

14:00 tanking

23:00 disappearing team owners

27:15 trade deadlines and waivers

33:30 seeding for the playoffs

40:30 re-seeding 2nd round of playoffs

51:45 encouraging interaction/posts/videos