The 2022 Fish Bowl - #SFB12
What is #SFB12?

SFB is the premier pro-am tournament in the fantasy football industry bringing together every fantasy football analyst in the industry, many famous celebrities, former professional athletes, and hundreds upon hundreds of fans. It's about community, networking, and of course raising money for worthwhile causes. SFB has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. This tournament, which drafts in early July, has become known as the unofficial start of fantasy football season for many.

#SFB12 History

SFB was previously the FFOasis Invitational as a reader league for my site FFOasis. When FFOasis closed, the tournament needed a new name and home and The Scott Fish Bowl was born.

Every year since, the tournament has grown exponentially with the incredible support of the fantasy football industry getting together for a fun event and good causes. It now features every big name in the fantasy industry, many celebrities, former professional athletes and raises 10s of thousands of dollars every single year for charity.

About Scott Fish -- @ScottFish24

Scott Fish is the creator of the world famous Scott Fish Bowl, the largest pro-am league in the fantasy industry. His goal is to convince every league he can to donate one entry fee to charity.


Notable Awards


  • In 2018, he was named one of The Athletic’s Persons of the Year alongside people like Patrick Mahomes, Drew Brees, and Larry Fitzgerald. You can check out his article here.

  • In January of 2020, he received the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association's Humanitarian of the Year award for 2019 for his efforts raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity and for pushing the mindset in the community that if we each give a little bit with our hobby, we can do a lot of good.

  • In June of 2021, Scott was awarded the Matthew Berry Game Changer award for pushing the industry to add charitable components to what we do and galvanizing and connecting the fantasy industry.


Scott Fish has become known as one the most respected people in the entire fantasy industry and his major passions include helping his fantasy football community family and charitable work. He started playing fantasy football in 1992. It was a dynasty league but has now turned into a keeper league and still exists. Scott started started as a content creator in the fantasy industry in 2005, a few years before created his own site in 2008 called FFOasis which became well known for being the only devy resource out there and one of the bigger IDP resources. He is credited with creating the developmental dynasty format in the 1990s and was the first one to write, podcast, and produce devy content in the fantasy industry. In 2014 he closed FFOasis and moved on to Dynasty League Football. In 2017, Scott started a full time job in the industry with what is now Sportshub Games Network. He now runs SafeLeagues commissioner services. He can be found on the longest running fantasy football radio show now in syndication on iHeart Radio – Fantasy Football Weekly.