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Art of the Tease from Scott Fish
Comedy Conference

Blue Polaski Division
Spicoli Division
Pedro Division
Garth Division
Bluto Division
Action Conference

Doc Holliday Division
Chuck Norris Division
John McClane Division
Bruce Lee Division
Dirty Harry Division

Alien Conference

Marvin Division
Roger Smith Division
E.T. Division
Alf Division
Paul Division
Smart Guy Conference

Walter White Division
Sheldon Cooper Division
Doogie Howser Division
Doc Brown Division
Egon Division

#2014SFB Alien
Roger Smith Division Champion

The Street Free Agent

Week 13
Top 2 Advance
Week 14
Top 2 Advance

Week 15
Top Score Wins Division

Fan - Adam Gourley 203.1
Dynasty Football Warehouse - Aaron Swinderman 188.2
Scott Repphun (Fan of Rotoviz) 171.2
Gridiron Experts - Jody Smith 119.4
Fan - Adam Gourley 234.28
The Street Free Agent 188.50
Dynasty Football Warehouse - Aaron Swinderman 173.26
RotoWire - Josh Collacchi (@JoshCollacchi) 140.20
The Street Free Agent 196.40
Fan - Adam Gourley 120.80