EST. 2010

The World's Largest and Toughest Fantasy Football League
A 240 team Pro-Am that includes over 170 experts from various fantasy football sites





Tentative 2014 PRIZES

SFB Overall Champion (1)
SFB Overall Champion gets $250.
*SFB Overall Champion will also receive a free $279 entry into the 2015 RotoBowl from Scout.

Conference Winner (4)

Each conference winner will get a free year long premium subscription of their choice from several sites (first come, first serve):

Division Winner (20)
*SFB Division winners will receive a free $35 entry into a 2015 Scout League from Scout.

The remaining subscriptions will be given out for other various accomplishments in SFB.

There will also be several other prizes, including:

  • A 2015 Fantasy Typhoon Draft for the last place finishers in each division.
  • Prizes to random owners in the fastest drafting division (Pedro-Comedy)
  • A Skylander Swap Force starter pack to one lucky participant.

and more!

*Scout League and Rotobowl prize eligibility is limited to those who entered the FREE Mock Draft World Championship