Win your way into SFB in a mirror league satellite!

SFB Satellite Information

Rules and Settings

Rules and Settings wll mirror the main event SFB league

League Host

Satellites will be held on Sleeper and MFL

Best Ball

You do not set lineups, it is simply a draft and best ball scoring. Scoring is total points for your optimal lineup for weeks 1-17. Sleeper will run through week 18, but it won't be counted.

Draft Accidents

We do not fix accidental picks or ADP picks for satellites.

Satellite Spot Winning Eligibility

Each satellite winner will win an entry into #SFB13 -- You must be signed up on the site AND eligible to win. This means if you are on the SFB ineligible list or land on the ineligible list before #SFB13, you can not win an entry into #SFB13. You can not give away your entry if you win. You may not have 2 teams in the mirror leagues. Doing so would make you ineligible to win. Multiple auto picks may also make you ineligible for winning the SFB spot.

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