Welcome to Scott Fish Bowl 14 -- #SFB14

The world's most famous fantasy football tournament with nearly every analyst in the fantasy industry, athletes, actors, musicians, celebrities, and thousands of other fans of fantasy football playing in the spirit of charity and doing good.

Together as a community we can do a lot of good with this hobby of ours.

59.3 Million

The number of people who play fantasy sports yearly.


The amount your average fantasy player spends on fantasy sports yearly.

The amount we hope to raise with Fantasy Cares this year.

Featured events. Have fun, help our cause.

SFB Live Drafts

Attend live drafts all over the world with people who share a love of fantasy football and doing good!

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Fantasy Cares Eliminators

Play a best ball eliminator style league with your favorite people in the fantasy community. The rules are crazy!

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SFB Podathon

Check out the SFB Podathon which airs live during the opening of the SFB drafts!

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SFB Avimakers

Get an avatar or banner made for your social media profiles promoting your SFB league!

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Countdown to #SFB14!

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