#SFB Minneapolis Live Draft Event Interest

Please click a city and fill out the form to let us know if you are planning on attending a live draft event and which one. Please fill it out whether you plan on drafting or not. We are trying to get rough head count for various locations. This would also sign you up to get information updates about the live events (like location, time, date, etc)

(don't fill this out if you have no intention to attend a live event)

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Would you attend even if not in #SFB13 or if you are not drafting (don't fill this out if no intention to attend a live event)

Pick a live draft location then fill out the form and submit!

City Location Day Month Date Local Time Draft Order
Buffalo Fattey Beer at Wurlitzer Thursday July 6 7pm Random
London "The Dugout" - Belushi's Sports Bar at London Bridge Bar organized by UKFCC Friday July 7 730pm User Choice
San Francisco Public Works Saturday July 8 noon  
Orlando Rock Pit Brewing Saturday July 8 1-5pm  
Atlanta Park Bench in The Battery Saturday July 8 noon Random
Philadelphia Xfinity Live - 1100 Social Sunday July 9 11am-3pm  
DC Sudhouse DC Sunday July 9 2pm  
Cincinnati Streetside Brewery Sunday July 9 noon User Choice
Boston Lansdowne Pub Saturday July 15 noon User Choice
Las Vegas Circa - Stadium Swim Saturday July 15 10am User Choice
Los Angeles TrophySmack HQ
(1800 N. Glassell St. Orange CA)
Saturday July 15 1pm User Choice
Dallas Community Beer Co. Saturday July 15 noon-4pm  
Mexico City Pinche Gringo Warehouse Saturday July 15 5pm User Choice
St. Louis WCF HQ
(714 Spirit 40 Park Dr. Suite 145 Chesterfield, MO)
Saturday July 15    
Chicago Real Time Sports in Elk Grove Village Sunday July 16 11am User Choice
Minneapolis     July TBD   User Choice
NYC Tito Murphy's   July 15 1pm  

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